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MVP x Kivrus Mask is a 4 layered reusable & washable mask powered by swiss textile technology, HEIQ Viroblock-Antiviral Technology, not only shield us in our new normal life, but also act as a protective fashion apparel ready to add into your closet.
Brand: MVP
SKU: MXK-001
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4 layers of Protection

The first layer of fabric is a 100% woven polyester that is water repelling and provides the first line of defense against bacteria.

The second layer is the first filter layer and is a poly/cotton blend that is powered by HeiQ viroblock.

The third layer is a nano PTFE filter Membrane that provides a BFE>99%.

The fourth layer is a odor free skin friendly knitted polyester that provides all day comfort up against your face.

Premium Materials

In construction of the Kivrus mask we spared no expense to bring you a comfortable face mask while still being effective at filtering.

A metal nose piece insert that can be molded to your face is sewn into the top of the mask, this helps reduce glasses from fogging.

A soft inner comfort layer of fabric is powered by HeiQ Smart temp - actived cooling technology that will keep you comfortable all day long.

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